Orlando Jai-Alai map

Orlando Jai-alai is a fronton located at 6405 South US Highway, 17-92 Casselberry, Florida. It is one of Florida's five frontons and is among the state's premier facilities.

Opened in 1962, Orlando Jai-alai has played host to some of Florida's top pelotaris and has hosted some of the state's biggest tournaments, most notably the Citrus Tournament and the NAJF Tournament of Champions.

Orlando Jai-alai has the following court dimensions:

  • Overhead: 48 feet
  • Length: 180 feet
  • Width: 50 feet

Some of the top players at Orlando Jai-alai include:

  • Barronio
  • Gallardo
  • Aperri
  • Olabe
  • Kompa
  • Larru
  • Victor
  • Azpiri
  • Don
  • Gino

Orlando Jai-alai also has simulcast facilities.