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Ocala Jai-Alai

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Ocala Jai-alai is a fronton located at 4601 Northwest Highway 318 Orange Lake, Florida. It rules the roost in North Florida as the area's home to the World's Fastest Ballgame.

In 1973, Ocala Jai-alai was opened by the operators of the Miami fronton as a branch office and was one of 15 to 20 frontons doing business in the United States at that time.

For 30+ years, Ocala Jai-alai flourished and eventually became one of the top Jai-alai frontons in the Sunshine State. The closing of the last Jai-alai frontons in the northeastern US in the 1990s has made highly talented players available to Ocala Jai-alai and thus, helped it attract more fans and spectators.

Of late, Ocala Jai-alai has also been able to secure much of Orlando Jai-alai's offseason roster which has made Ocala Jai-alai more attractive.

Ocala Jai-alai has the following court dimensions:

  • Overhead: 45 feet
  • Length: 176 feet
  • Width: 40 feet

The top players of Ocala Jai-alai include:

  • Kompa
  • Rocha
  • Ikeda II
  • Azpiri
  • Larru
  • Hoey
  • Gino
  • Erik

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